Training and Transfer of Knowledge

Under the 6th Framework Programme, the European Commission's "Marie Curie Research and Training Networks" programme is offering positions at each of the nodes of the ENIGMA Network. These positions are available at the Early Stage Researcher (ESR) (pre-doctoral) level as well as Exprienced researcher (ER) (post-doctoral) level. The full scheduled list of positon to be opened in the Network's lifetime can be found here .

The Network's web pages on the official EU web page (cordis) can be found here

The pre-doctoral (ESR) and post-doctoral (ER) positions yet to be filled/opened in the remainders of the Network's life are the following:

Node Duration www page Deadline Contact Address
ENS - Paris 9 months - ER ENS May 15th, 2007 barannik_AT_ens.fr
UC Louvain 12 Months - ER UCL - ER March, 31st, 2007 vanmoerbeke_AT_math.ucl.ac.be
UC Louvain 5 Months ESR     vanmoerbeke_AT_math.ucl.ac.be
KTH Stockholm 12 months -ER KTH March, 1st, 2007. hoppe_AT_math.kth.se
Oxford up to 8 months - ESR     lmason_AT_ maths.ox.ac.uk
TU - Berlin 10 months - ER     bobenko_AT_math.tu-berlin.de

General Informations

The Enigma network is accommodating five long-term appointments for ESR's (respectively at nodes 1,5,7,9 and 10). The remaining ESR person Months will be devoted to support comparatively short (4 to 11 months) appointments of PhD students, whose normal PhD training needs not necessarily be supported by the Network. This mobility will allow the students to be properly trained on a greater number of interdisciplinary aspects of his/her research programme. The hiring plan is different for Experienced Researchers since longer terms are, as a rule, envisaged. General information on appointments by Marie Curie Research and Training Networks can be found on the CORDIS web site. General enquiries about the ENIGMA network and the opportunities it is offering for young researchers may be addressed to the Network Coordinator, Prof. Gregorio Falqui (falqui_AT_sissa.it). Specific instances, as well as applications, related to individual positions within the network are to be addressed to the named contact person in the table below.

Researchers interested in these positions are strongly advised to read the full presentations of the EU rules concerning these positions in the Marie Curie RTN Handbook .
The principles ruling the eligibility of a candidate are:

A brief summary of the elegibility conditions is: Appointees are expected to actively contribute to the development of the research programme . In particular, those experienced researchers to be hired will preferably have a scientific experience on at least one of the three main themes of the project.

In the year 2006 the following positions - at the level of Early Stage Reasearcher (=Pre-Doc) are to be opened:

Please notice that the specified duration refers to the period of the contract to be financed by the European Commission. Depending on the availability of funds at each of the relevant nodes, predoctoral and postdoctoral positions might be offered for longer periods. Candidates are advised to check such possibilities with the contact person and/or in the relevant web page.